Kubo Expeditions

Location: Uzbekistan

Subject: Archaeology

Dates: 1997-2011

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To unearth, preserve and share the history of the Fergha Valley , Uzbekistan.

Project History

KUBO expedition are an Uzbekistan based organisation who have been uncovering the archaeology of this region since 1997. Within the valley there are a number of sites of interest and importance including a site which is believed to be one of the oldest cities in Central Asia. The artefacts discovered in the region tell an incredible story and there is still so much more to be found.

Project & ACE

The effects of the ACE Foundation’s support are particularly recognisable within this project because of the political circumstances in Uzbekistan. ACE’s contributions seem to have had a positive effect on the way the local government perceives the organisation’s work. Since ACE began its involvement, the government has looked more favourably on the project, offering to supply a museum in which to display their finds as well as part-funding work on a new site. KUBO Expeditions, led by Genanadi Ivanov, have explored 5 excavation sites since 1997, when ACE first became involved.

This project also highlights aspects of cultural exchange that result from such collaborations. Working with KUBO has had its challenges over the years, not least in translation of language but also technology and techniques. The standard archaeological methods employed in Uzbekistan are rather different from those of the UK and our understanding of the context within which archaeologists operate in Uzbekistan has grown as the relationship has developed.