Yachana Foundation

Location: Ecuador

Subject: Natural World

Dates: 2008 – 2009

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To improve the standard of living and education and to protect the environment of those living in the Amazon region of Ecuador.

Project History

The Yachana Foundation was founded in 1991 and works with rainforest communities in the buffer zone of the Gran Sumaco National Park, a UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserve. Deforestation and development are increasing problems in the area and the Yachana foundation are working towards conserving as much of the current habitat as possible. One of their major actions has been to purchase and protect the rainforest to save it from being merely an aid to financial and economical objectives of the government. Apart from buying up rainforest the foundation also works towards conserving it though education of local communities. This ensures they understand why it is so important to maintain their inherited environment and also learn how to survive within and from the forests. Their efforts are ongoing and highly sucessful.

Project & ACE

One of the ways in which ACE supports the work at Yachana is through taking ACE Tours to the Yachana lodge, this is a very popular trip though it does not run every year. This often results in extra donations from the participants as well as directly supporting the local tourist industry.

Recently ACE provided a grant for the Foundation to purchase another section of rainforest to protect it from deforestation.