The Musical Brain

Location: UK

Subject: Music

Dates: 2009 – 2011

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The Musical Brain was established in 2010 as a charity to promote research into the effect music has on the brain and to review how such benefits can be used in musical therapy and the treatment of various illnesses.

Project History

Inspired by an event held with the internationally acclaimed Nash Ensemble at Cumberland Lodge at the end of 2009, Lady Vaizey, Hilary Bartlett and Michael Pugh decided to set up a charity dedicated to arts, science & the mind. The aim is to hold regular events bringing together composers, neuroscientists, psychiatrists, consultants, music therapists, teachers, researchers, music lovers and artists, combining their research with the essential element of live musical performances and demonstrations. These events will integrate talks, discussions, open rehearsals and concerts and hope to stimulate progress in the field. The first Musical Brain weekend conference was held in October and focused on the work of composer Robert Schumann. (For further information see the following course: The Musical Brain Weekend)

Project & ACE

The ACE Foundation has been supportive of the setting up of this new charity as we were also involved, and very impressed, with the inaugural event held in collaboration with the Nash Ensemble in 2009. The ACE Foundation provided financial support for the October meeting and also helping to implement the publicity strategy and taking bookings for the event. In 2011 we provided financial support and managed the bookings for the ‘Why Music’ conference at the institute of Neurology, Queens Square. The one day event was a great success with a concert from the Sacconi quartet in the evening.