Friends of the Nash Ensemble

Location: UK

Subject: Music

Dates: 2009

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The Nash Ensemble are an internationally acclaimed chamber music ensemble. One of their objectives to combine concerts with educational lectures and open rehearsals.

Project History

The Nash Ensemble are a long established ensemble with wide acclaim. They have premiered many pieces and are frequently chosen by composers for dedicated commissions. Its founder and artistic director Amelia Freedman and the players have maintained an excellent standard since its beginning and their repertoire is ever expanding and delightfully variable.

Project & ACE

In August the friends of the Nash arranged for a residency course at the Cumberland Lodge in Windsor park entitled: Nash Ensemble and the Musical Brain: Great Music and Why We Love It. The musicians of the Nash put their efforts towards a fascinating arrangement involving scientists associated with the Institute of Music in Human and Social Development (IMHSD). They invited these neuroscientists to discuss their research into music and psychology on a variety of levels as part of this musical appreciation project. The package also included the opportunity to sit-in for the ensembles rehearsals giving a powerful insight into the workings of a professional music group. The ACE Foundation was proud to sponsor Saturday’s events which included lectures by Dr. Katie Overy, Dr. Stefan Koelsch and Professor Nigel Osborne, an open rehearsal, open discussion and two concerts. The occasion was a great success and we think says a lot for what can be done with music and courses.


Image: Hanya Chlala/ArenaPAL