Cambridge Music

Location: England

Subject: Music

Dates: 2009 – 2015

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Encouraging musical education in Cambridgeshire.

Project History

There are various musically related projects ACE has sponsored within Cambridge since 2009 these include Cambridgeshire Holiday Orchestra Association, Cambridgeshire Primary Schools Singing Network and National Youth Jazz Collective.

Project & ACE

CHOA: Cambridgeshire Holiday Orchestra Association has been supporting music enjoyment and music education in Cambridgeshire since 1955. It runs three musical holiday courses annually for local school children. In 2009 the ACE Foundation contributed a donation towards their efforts which intended to facilitate their bringing in professional musicians to interact with the children enhancing their experience. The introduction of Alan Barnes, Jazz great, for their Christmas Course 2009, was such a fantastic success that it inspired further contributions to be put to similar use in future courses. For Easter 2010 the course participants were able to experience Djembe Drumming and Belleplates in specialist workshops.

CPSSN: The Cambridgeshire Primary Schools Singing Network provides a service encouraging singing with children. They put on a number of concerts each year under the direction of Julian Wilkinson a local choral master. ACE had the pleasure of covering the costs of the Emmanuel United Reform Church for their performance in November 2009.

NYJC: The National Youth Jazz Collective runs series of courses specialising in Jazz for young performers. For their 2009/10 program the ACE Foundation has donated a substantial amount to their fund.

HRSFC: In 2005 Hills Road Sixth Form College established a link with the Ndamase Secondary School in South Africa. The two schools have been running events in parallel with each-other, related to world issues. The HRSFC netball team of 2008 visited South Africa and made a trip to the school and 2010 is time for the Ndamase students to come here. HRSFC have been raising funds for the ocassion and since it is the Ndamase choir who will be visiting, the ACE Foundation have made a donation towards this exchange.