Development Nepal

Location: Nepal

Subject: Education

Dates: 2002

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To alleviate poverty in rural areas of Eastern Nepal.

Project History

Development Nepal umbrellas a number of groups working together to secure a brighter future for some of the poorest populations in Nepal. The project is based in Sunsari where poverty is rife.

Development Nepal itself is a UK charity founded in 1999 to help alleviate poverty in Sunsari, Eastern Nepal. According to DN 24% of Nepal’s population has to survive on less than 70 UK-pence a day. One of the projects run by DN is Project Ujyalo Bhabisya which focuses on supporting socially and economically marginalised individuals though education, empowerment and income generation programs. These programs incorporate literacy, business skills, numeracy and life-skills training as appropriate: rights, health, well being and micro-credit schemes are all considerations within the teaching.

Different parts of the project are based in different locations and have different responsibilities towards the projects. Local Nepalese groups focus on design and monitor of projects, these people are locals with good development skills who integrally understand the culture and society in which DN is working. DN in the UK, provides funding and a Western approach to development from educated individuals.

Project & ACE

In 2002 ACE was approached by Chris Kelly, a trustee of Development Nepal, to make a contribution towards their six year development plan. One of the aspects of the project that ACE’s funds were focused towards was a health-training program which had various divisions. The Health Workers Training provided training for 20 health workers on a two-week course about hyginene, sanitation, nutrition, family planning and water born diseases. Then a further 15 received three weeks worth of training on womens health. The Herbs and Health week catered for 80 individuals whose knowledge of local vegetation, custom and health were integrated with other methods of medicine. The intention of this program was to encourage preservation of herbal medicine skills and to preserve the species used. Health camps and training are ongoing in Sunsari and consistently monitored and improved by DN. Another project, from the ‘RDD’ (Rural Development Department) was the ‘VLTA’ (Village Leather Goods Training Association) The activities of this project include training locals in how to make good quality leather shoes, a challenge in a climate where so many poor quality, cheap imports are being introduced.