Corpus Christi College, Cambridge University

Location: England

Subject: Education

Dates: 1997 – 2014

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As one of the older colleges of Cambridge University Corpus Christi endeavors to maintain excellent and progressive standards of education for top students in the world.

Project History

Corpus Christi College, Cambridge is one of the ancient colleges of the university. It was founded in 1352 by the Guilds of Corpus Christi and the Blessed Virgin Mary, and therefore local Cambridge citizens, it is the only college in Oxford or Cambridge founded in this manner. One of its crowning features is the Parker Library which holds many ancient manuscripts and houses almost 25 percent of the known Anglo-saxon manuscripts in the world.

Project & ACE

Since 1997 ACE has provided a Masters scholarship for an outstanding student to study either Environment & Development (Department of Geography) or Economics at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. The underlying objective is to support study of the means by which economic development can be achieved in an environmentally sustainable manner. Priority has been given to applicants from the developing world and from eastern Europe. Our first student was Mr Veluswami Saravanan from India, whose particular area of interest was management of water resources. Subsequent scholars have included: Eero Tohver (Estonia), Monica Wihardja (Indonesia), Krisztina Hamara (Romania), Ivailo Vesselinov (Bulgaria), Bakhyt Murzhukbasova (Kazakhstan), Olga Nosova (Ukraine), Sanjeev Sharma (India), Maria Lourdes Montenegro (Philippines), Juhi Sutaria (India) and Anuja Sinha (India).