The world of development is changing fast. ‘Development’ projects spring up in every corner and it is amazing what small organisations can achieve, especially with support from external sources. It is of course necessary to consider such projects with care, sustainability is critical and one can never be too careful when having a good idea! What works for you may not work for someone else and it takes time to navigate a new path on an old principle.

Within our project profiles you will find schools in India, South Africa and England and details of scholarships and bursaries.

HantamHantam Community Education Trust South Africa | The Karoo desert, like most deserts, has sparse facilities. The Hantam Trust is one of those few. As an education centre its achievements are many and varied… More ›


indiaIntegrated Village Development Trust India |Problems of poverty in India are widespread, many local NGOs attempt to help themselves but often suffer from lack of funding… More ›


corpus christiCorpus Christi College, Cambridge University England | For Many Years ACE has provided an annual scholarship at Corpus Christi College for a postgraduate placement in development studies. More ›


prduPostwar Reconstruction and Development Unit | York University, England | How do we learn to cope with war? More ›


booklinkBook Link | Ethiopia | An organisation dedicated to providing suitable text books to underprivileged schools in Ethiopia run by two ACE Study Tours customers…  More ›


wilkins Wilkins Memorial Trust | Nepal | The Wilkins Memorial Trust was set up in honour of the Wilkins family to continue their dedicated work towards better lives in Nepal.  More ›



St Matthew’s Children’s Fund | Ethiopia |Supporting local organisations after the 1984 disasters.  More ›


developmentnepal Development Nepal | Nepal | Issues of poverty in Nepal have been problematic. Development Nepal works with local groups to improve the situation.  More ›


prospectburmaProspect Burma | Burma | Supporting the exiled.  More ›



streetsymphonyStreet Symphony | Ethiopia | In Ethiopia an innovative project was devised to improve quality of life through dance and film….More ›


Solo_BoyNational Ballet School of Cuba | Cuba | Supporting ballet education in Cuba.  More ›