David & Mary Medd Architects

Location: England

Subject: Architecture

Dates: 2009

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Developing architecture sympathetic to a learning environment.

Project History

In this case the donation is from them to us. The Medds left a legacy to the ACE Foundation and we have decided to put some of this towards creating a website that reflects and shares their work in architecture and education. The website is not yet up and running but we are collating material to create the site which should be inspirational for architects and furniture designers as well as personal friends of the couple.

As such an influential couple, their legacy lives on in a number of ways and many small projects, begun in their lifetimes, are being continued now. One such project is being led by Catherine Burke from the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge. Along with a team of educators, historians, architects and academics, both local and international, she is working towards finding ‘a common vocabulary of practice – looking back to imagine the future’. In 2010 the group produced a booklet and DVD about the Medds and their work designing functional primary school buildings that respond to the needs of children and teachers. The booklet ‘Principles of Primary School Design’ is intended to encourage architects and educators to think beyond their usual boundaries and engage in the relationships between architectural form, function and the users of the building.

In 2012 Catherine published a further book A Life in Education and Architecture .

Project & ACE

Prior to initiating the website and archive for the Medds, the ACE Foundation has been supporting the work of Catherine Burke and the Faculty of Education in a number of ways, including helping them publish their book and DVD: ‘Principles of Primary School Design’.