British Architectural Library

Location: England

Subject: Architecture

Dates: 2009

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Under Royal Charter the purpose is to promote knowledge of and interest in civil architecture, through their library and educational programmes.

Project History

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Drawings and Archives Collections has been in existence since 1834 and they look after the collections of architecture related archives, drawings and models of British Architects. In partnership with the V&A where the collections are stored, they put on a number of exhibitions each year.

Project & ACE

In 2009 Charles Hind of the Royal Institute of British Architects, and an esteemed ACE Study Tour Leader, approached us for a grant towards an exhibition entitled England and the European Baroque: English architecture 1660 – 1715. The exhibition ran alongside that of the V&A’s exhibition on European Baroque, and included drawings and models which endeavored to guess at how British Architects incorporated European Baroque into their designs. A successful ACE Study Tour visited the exhibition on one of their study days and were suitably impressed.

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