Since 1958 the ACE Foundation has been making contributions towards a diverse range of projects worldwide. Within these pages you can find details of these projects and our relationship with them. Many of these projects have been discovered through ACE Cultural Tours, its course directors and participants, and our desire to promote responsible travel that encourages cultural understanding.

We have strong links with larger organisation such as English Heritage and Fauna & Flora International, but also support small-scale projects locally, such as the Cambridgeshire Holiday Orchestra Association, and internationally, such as the Hantam Community School in the Karoo Desert, South Africa.

We aim to support genuinely sustainable projects, taking into account the cultural, financial and environmental factors. Whether initiated by locals or visitors they must prove to be culturally acceptable and integrated into their regional context.

We strive for partnerships that are of mutual benefit to all parties concerned.

There are hundreds of projects to be added to our site, we cannot put them all up at once but will endeavour to make regular updates including recent stories and new project profiles. Please keep checking for ones that interest you!