About Us

The ACE Foundation provides a whole host of educational activities, from worldwide Cultural Tours to local courses to financial support for a variety of educational charities around the globe.

The projects we support form a major aspect of our work. These range from schools serving disadvantaged communities in places such as Ethiopia, South Africa, Nepal and India, to projects focusing on archaeological research from Romania to Uzbekistan, to conservation and natural history studies from Cambodia to Ecuador. Our most recent project is one of our own, we are transforming some old farm buildings near Cambridge into a creative venue for music and the arts (see Stapleford Granary). Whilst the site in Stapleford was still under construction, we developed a series of music courses using other local venues. These events catered for musicians from beginner to advanced levels and for all ages. (Further information about the courses we now run at the granary can be found here)

Within our project profile pages you can find information about recent ACE scholarships and the projects we support. We endeavour to include stories as well as general project profile information.

The ACE Foundation wholly owns ACE Cultural Tours, who provide a fantastic collection of cultural tours worldwide. ACE Cultural Tours has been a pioneer in cultural travel and adult education and these tours educate and entertain in equal measure, blending cultural sightseeing with privileged visits and explanatory talks. For further information follow the Cultural Tours header.


The ACE Foundation is involved in many different cultural projects but there are unifying factors to all our activities.

Key to all ACE’s enterprises is education. Sometimes intensively, sometimes more creatively, the core aspiration of ACE is to educate. This is done within the concept of exchange, particularly cultural exchange, often including an international dimension. There are no restrictions on who can be educated, we are all learning all the time!

Through this site you should be able to find out exactly what it is we do and have been doing for over 50 years. Condensing and organising the information is challenging since there is so much of it and it is so varied, but we have done our best to create a comprehensive site with plenty of educational value.